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We specialise in Ruger 10/22 spares, accessories and custom parts, volquartsen custom parts.

We offer a full custom tuning service on all Ruger 10/22 including tuning for sub-sonic shooting.

Please call us to disscuss you requirements.

Ruger Rifles UK


At Ruger Rifles UK, we have over 20 years experience in club shooting, competition target shooting and field sports with Ruger rimfire rifles. Visit us online for your one stop destination for shooting supplies. Friendly advice and customer service are at the forefront of our business. We know guns, we love guns and we are just as passionate about getting the most enjoyment out of shooting as you are. Our shop is located in Derbyshire and specialises in Ruger rifles, accessories and firearms. We carry a large range of shooting accessories including ammunition, bags, knives, targets etc.

Please call us for pricing, deals or advice.

We are experts in reloading and advising on reloading equipment, we carry large stocks of powder, primers, bullet heads and cases.

Our specialist Ruger rifles services include a full bespoke tune up to your requirements.