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CZ 455 VARMINT SYNTHETIC .22LR 16″ £488 inc vat and Tuned Trigger and bolt upgrade

High accuracy combined with high comfort – this is a brief description of CZ 455 VARMINT SYNTHETIC, a new model in the traditional .22 LR calibre. Its thick walled, cold hammer forged barrel is 525 mm long, there are no mechanical sights and the muzzle is fitted with a compensator. The ergonomic black polymer stock is symmetrical and has a soft-touch finish that ensures a comfortable and reliable grip in all weather conditions. The weapon is supplied with a 5-round magazine as standard, a higher capacity magazine is available for purchase. And because this is a weapon from the 455 line, it is up to the users to decide whether this configuration is suitable for them or whether they would prefer a different set-up or calibre.

  • polymer stock in soft-touch finish
  • CZ 455 modular system
  • 525 mm long cold hammer forged barrel
  • PH muzzle thread with compensator

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